About My Paper Daisy

Hi there! My name is Allie, and I am the owner and creator of My Paper Daisy Bespoke Designs. I have always been passionate about hobbies that allow me to express my creative side. From scrapbooking to patchwork quilts and greeting cards, I enjoy experimenting with colours, patterns, and textures. The possibilities seem endless. But what I love most is that sometimes, the end result is even a surprise to me.

In 2015, I started creating personalized greeting cards for my loved ones, because I wanted to give them something unique to mark the special occasions of the year. As time passed, card-making became my go-to creative outlet. In 2021, My Paper Daisy was born after I finally took the plunge and started to share my designs with others after receiving lots of encouragement from family and friends. Since then, I have expanded my product range to include bespoke cards for all occasions, tote bags, perpetual calendars, and a unique collection of bespoke gifts. I enjoy creating custom orders. If you have something specific in mind for an upcoming occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s chat about how I can bring your vision to life!

Most days you’ll find me creating in my studio with my loyal wonder-pup Georgie by my side. We also attend events and indoor markets throughout the Darling Downs region.

I believe that personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts and greeting cards hold such a special meaning, especially for the recipient. It’s a simple, but beautiful, gesture to show our loved ones and friends that we’re thinking of them on their best and worst days, and every day in between. I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist you in expressing your feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and sympathy to your friends and family.

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