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Welcome to our collection of handcrafted greeting card packs! They come in two sizes – notecard size and standard size. Each pack features five gorgeous cards and envelopes all created with a particular theme in mind. Perfect for spreading joy on any occasion, from birthdays to occasions calling for heartfelt messages. Our curated mix of greeting cards in the packs ensure there’s something for every moment.
Crafted with care and creativity, our card packs boast unique and cohesive designs that add a personal touch to your greetings. Whether you’re expressing love, gratitude, or simply sending a smile, our cards are sure to make the recipient’s day extra special.
Browse our selection today and discover the joy of sending handmade greetings that leave a lasting impression. With our handcrafted greeting card packs, you’ll always have the perfect card on hand for every meaningful moment.
My Paper Daisy Bespoke Designs – Sending Love in an Envelope, One Greeting Card at a Time.

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